Six City Safety Tips for Your Kids

Six City Safety Tips for Your Kids

Every parents desire is for their home to be the safest place their children know. It is the place filled with your most prized possessions—the top of the list being your precious children. While you can help to keep them as safe as possible indoors with the help of a security system from Frontpoint Security Solutions, when it comes to the outside world, there are a myriad of factors that could endanger your children.

Whether it is a trip, a play date with a friend, or letting your child go off with their friends alone, the outside world is a variable you cannot control. However, there are important safety rules you can teach your children to help keep them alert in their surroundings and protected from harm.

Here are the tops six tips:

1. Have a Plan

Always have a plan in place before allowing your kids to venture outside the safety of your home. If you are going with your kids on a trip, vacation, or to visit a new city, sit down with them and talk about the plan. Give them an outline of what the day’s itinerary looks like.

2. Create a Meeting Place

Should you and your children get separated, or if you let your older children go off on their own, always have a designated meeting place and designated time to meet. The place should be in a public area, well known, and easy to find. This is important especially if someone gets lost.

3. Travel in Groups

Traveling in groups is much safer than traveling solo. If your kids are splitting off, make sure they go with a group—even if it is just to the bathroom. Children who are by themselves are much more vulnerable to thieves, thus it is always a wise idea to split into groups of three or more, if possible.

4. Research the Area

Having an understanding of the area you are traveling to can help prevent any unexpected surprises that might arise. If your children are going to an area without you, research the area with them so they know what type of challenges they may face.

5. Stay in Touch

Similarly to having a meeting place, designate check-in times. Have your children send you a quick text message about where they are and what they are doing. If you stay in communication with them, you will be more likely to discern if any danger arises. Additionally, consider downloading an app like Find My Kids, which allows you to track their GPS location. In the case of an emergency, this can help you reconnect with your children.

6. Monitor the Trip

If your children are traveling without you, make sure you have the contact information of those chaperoning the trip. They can keep you up to date on everything that is going on.

Utilizing these safety tips will help to keep your children safe and you more comfortable with their growing independence.

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