Time For A Pantry Cleanout


Have you ever done the “Pantry Cleanout” to try and cut down on your grocery bill?  I just read about it, and I think it would be a great thing to do at the end of every month.  If you shop for groceries weekly, try to do your regular trips for the first three weeks.  That last week, before heading out to the store, pull EVERYTHING out of your pantry and try to plan meals with it.  Soups can be used for many meal starters, check out my soup meal starter post for more info.  If you need to add items on to your meal plan, such as meats, add them to your grocery list.

By meal planning, you know exactly what you already have and what ingredients you need at the store.  You can even make a budget for the needed ingredients and pair it up with sales and coupons!  This is a great routine to get into because it prevents foods from being forgotten about and going bad while being stored in your pantry, and it can cut down your grocery bill for that week tremendously!  I have a friend who meal plans and pairs her meals up with sales and coupons.  Currently, she only has to feed her husband and herself but they tend to spend about $30 every two weeks for groceries!  That’s $60 a month!  Could you imagine being able to put money aside for other bills or special treats due to lower grocery bills?

If this is something you are interested in, make sure you snag any frozen and canned vegetables that are on sale at your local store and incorporate them into your weekly meal planning!  Lots of stores sell frozen vegetables for close to $1 a bag, and canned vegetables are even cheaper.  Stocking up on them now for your pantry and freezer will make meal planning and saving money on grocery trips a lot easier in the future!

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