Time To Construct Our Puzzles

Christmas Day is now past.  Time to play with all our new Christmas gifts, whether it be wearing your new fitness clothes to the gym or out for a walk to figuring out your new tech devices.  Santa always brings the kids puzzles so each year we work on puzzles while the kids are still out of school for Christmas Break.


This was the first puzzle the kids finished.  It has 550 pieces and could easily be worked on the card table which we set up in the living room for the kids a few nights ago.  The next puzzle is over 1000 pieces so that one will have to be worked on the dining room table where there will be more room to spread out all the pieces.


My computer desk has even been turned into a Nanoblock station by the eight year old!  Here’s what we’ve put together so far.  I think I am having more fun working on this than he is.  The age level is 8+ and he is not fond of working with such small pieces.  I like the small pieces because the finished model won’t take up so much room.  Bobby gets really upset if you take his constructed Lego models apart but there’s only so much room to display all his work.


Here’s Travis’ NanoBlock.  He’s got more time to put into his creation than I do, so another one of his sets is now finished.  He won’t be so fast once he starts in on that 1000+ piece puzzle.  He’s also got another Lego set to construct.  We enjoy working on projects like this over Christmas Break where we don’t have to worry about homework, etc.

What kind of fun are you having at your house?


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