Easily Backup Your Pictures With Picture Keeper #Giveaway ENDED

I was given a PK 16 from PictureKeeper.com to use in facilitating my review. All opinions are mine.

picture keeper keyboard

Here’s the PK 16, it compatible with both the PC and The Mac and is capable of storing up to 16,000 pictures based on an average photo size of 1MB.  My Picture Keeper will not hold 16,000 pictures for me because I like to save my photos in larger sizes so they will work well with my blog.

The Picture Keeper software does ALL the work for you!  Just plug the Picture Keeper USB device into your computer and follow the prompts. This software runs an auto searche and find ALL the pictures from your computer and backs them up for you.  I didn’t even realize how many photos were stored on my computer until I watched the Picture Keeper as it downloaded my images.  The Picture Keeper software found a total of 2149 images on my computer which leaves me with 54% of space remaining for additional backups from my cell phone and other computers in our home.

picture keeper back

Here’s some info from the back cover of the Picture Keeper box.  It has all the contact info you need to find out more about this great product.  There are several different sizes of Picture Keeper Drives available.  You can view them HERE along with their pricing and additional info.

picture keeper computer

Here you will see the Picture Keeper USB device plugged in my laptop.  Once it starts, the tip of the stick will light up.  Again, so easy to use, follow below to see all the screen shots I grabbed from my computer throughout the photo back up process.

picture keeper screen 1

Here’s the first prompt I received, so all I had to do was hit “start import.”

picture keeper screen 2

All the pictures from my computer were imported SO quickly!

picture keeper screen 3

Next, all I had to do was hit “start backup.”

picture keeper screen 4

Here’s a shot during my backup.  I was able to watch all my photos flashing across the screen as they were being backed up.  Notice that it even caught duplicate images during this photo back up process.

picture keeper screen 5

Here’s my screen when my photo backup was finished.  Here’s where you can manage your images, print and find out more about their mobile app.

picture keeper screen 6

Next, I closed out of the program and went back in to see if I could find the picture keeper and here it is!  It shows that I have 8.22 GN free of 150 GB that came with the PK 16.

Storing my images is always a big concern of mine since I take so many photos, and Picture Keeper is the answer to my problems because:

  • It is SO easy to use
  • It can be used to share photos and can be used at a photo kiosk
  • There’s no software, just the Picture Keeper USB device
  • Compatible with PC and Mac so I can use it with all the computers in our home
  • It will pick up where it left off the next time I use it, so no fear of duplicate photos
  • Once I need to use a second Picture Keeper USB to store additional images, the second Picture Keeper will also pick right up where I left off after filling up Picture Keeper #1
  • It comes with 1 year limited warrantee and call in hotline number which is a HUGE bonus if I should experience any issues and need to speak to someone

Picture Keeper is proud to offer a giveaway for one 16K Picture Keeper as I reviewed above to one US winner on BlogWithMom.com so be sure and enter.  This is a giveaway that you DON’T want to miss!  Make sure to bookmark this post so that you can come back daily to tweet out the giveaway in return for extra entries!  Good luck!

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  2. Oh I have Thousands! Between my laptop, desktop and tablet- it would be so nice to consolidate them all onto one drive! I love this! thanks for the chance to win…

  3. I have over 2000 pics stored on my computer that I could use picture keeper usb device for backup, I never want to lose those memories.

  4. I think I have over a 1,000 pictures on my computer that I could store on the picture keeper!

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