BearPaw Boots #Review

I received a par of Womens Leigh Anne BearPaw boots to use in facilitating my review.  All thoughts are mine alone.

bearpaw tree

This Christmas was my first experience with BearPaw boots and I can say that I am thrilled with their fit, their comfort and their appearance!  I ordered a size 10 and they fit perfectly, so these boots are definitely true to their size, with no surprises.

bearpaw fire 2

I am usually a tennis shoe gal, but now, these are my new go-to cold weather boots.  We don’t always get too many Texas days, but when we do, you’ll see me wearing my new BearPaw boots!  They feel so warm and great on your feet.  These boots just make you feel good about yourself when you wear them.

bearpaw fire

Here’s another shot of these Womens Leigh Anne Style BearPaw boots.  They measure 8.5′ tall, have quilted cow suede on the upper portion and are lined with a wool blend.  There is a sheepskin footbed, a classic low profile outsole and a cute leather heel Bearpaw Logo.

bearpaw bleachers 2

These pictures are more true to color than the ones above.  My BearPaw boots are Black Chocolate and match just about everything!  I wore these to my son’s basketball game for the first time and couldn’t help myself from snapping a few pictures for you to show off my new BearPaw boots.

bearpaw bleachers

Here’s a shot of my BearPaw boots from the top.  They are perfect for wearing with my jeans and again, feel so warm and comfortable!  Taking pictures of yourself in boots is not an easy thing to do, so I’ve got the perfect video for you where you can see these boots in action!

BearPaw has a great website and I encourage you to check it out NOW!  Did you know that BearPaw also offers slippers, moccasins, hiking boots and accessories for the entire family, such as knit hats, boot socks, scarves, tights and cleaning kits for their footwear! Now that I’ve experienced BearPaw’s Womens Leigh Anne Boots, I want a pair of slippers for the house!

Be sure to connect with BearPaw through social media for updates.





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