The Best Natural Toys for Your Kids

When plastics came into common use, many parents were overjoyed that they could give their kids toys made of materials that were shatter-proof and easy to clean.  Unfortunately, as we’ve learned more about plastics, they’ve become less appealing.  Not only can they leach dangerous chemicals like BPA into your child’s system, but they also generate a lot of harmful chemicals during the production process.  If you are concerned about your child’s health and the environmental impact of the toys you buy, read on for a quick list of natural wooden toys that you can feel good about giving to your kids.


Plain wooden blocks are some of the stimulating playthings around.  There is no limit to what a child can build with these toys, and because of that they encourage children to utilize their creativity and imaginative processes.  In addition, wooden blocks are known for lasting generations. Investing in a quality set for your children today may mean that your grandchildren can also enjoy playing with natural wooden blocks decades down the line.


Little kids love toy vehicles.  Something about the way they roll around just seems to be universally tempting.  Many toy trucks and cars on the market today, though, seem to be made with heavy plastics and questionable metals.  If you would rather go for simple wooden vehicles made with only small amounts of BPA-free plastic accessories, there are a number of options out there.  Whether your kids are into construction equipment like cranes and excavators, or prefer farm-themed vehicles like hay wagons and farm carts, natural brands are sure to offer products that your children will love.


Dolls are a classic gift for both babies and older children.  For a while the market was flooded with dolls that were made with harsh plastics and synthetic fibers, but recently many natural alternatives for these popular toys have emerged.  Dolls can now be found in wooden and plush bases with natural yarn hair, made from materials that are free from harmful dyes and toxic synthetic fabrics.  Accessories are also available in natural options; you can easily find wooden dollhouses and furniture, as well as 100 percent cotton doll clothes.

Parents only want the best for their children, from the food they eat to the toys with which they play.  With all the new information arising about the dangers of plastics, it is understandable that parents are on the lookout for safer alternatives.  Fortunately, because of the high demand for natural children’s products, there are a number of great toy options out there for you.  Nova Natural has many wooden toys, as does Etsy.  With a little research, you are sure to find fun and natural toys that your kids will love for years to come.

Currently, what are you favorite kid toys on the market?

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