Finally Have Some Rain Boots!

mud boots

I have wanted a pair of mud / rain boots for a few years now.  Each year I buy these for my kids and would love to have a pair for myself, but never want to spend the money.   When it rains, the trail that I walk on to get the kids to and from school gets VERY muddy!  I usually use a pair of old shoes, but there is now construction work going on back there and there is mud everywhere!   The last time I walked through this area, the mud sucked the whole top of my foot down into it, so days of walking through the trails with my old shoes are over!  I need some rain boots that I can easily spray off with the house when I get back to the house.

There has been a pair of my oldest son’s boots laying in the laundry room for what seems to be forever.  Seeing this pair of boots laying around has been driving me nuts!  I was just about to run them upstairs to save them aside for my youngest when I decided to slip my foot inside.  GUESS WHAT – these boots fit me and they have been in my laundry room the whole time!  Check them out in the pic above.  Now I have a pair of rain boots to wear in the mud with my youngest when we walk back and forth to school.  I’m thrilled to be able to wade through the mud with my son now, but I wish I would have thought to try these on earlier.

bridge water

Here’s a view of the bridge we cross on the way to school.  This was taken one day after the rain.  If it rains real hard, it will flood over and then I can’t get across.

mud back

Here’s a view of the mud pitt that my son and I walk through.  Now you see why I need some mud boots.  These boots are worn out and not very comfortable, BUT they do the trick and can be easily washed off.  I am so glad that I decided to try them on.

Have you ever needed anything and it ended up being right under your nose for a long time before you realized it?

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