Jessica’s Account: My Husband Is A Marine

Military wives are tough!  I know many of them and asked Jessica if she would write a post about life as a military wife – Enjoy!


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My husband is a United States Marine. He has been in the Marine Corps for almost four years, and he is currently serving on his third deployment. He’s been deployed to Afghanistan, Yemen, and currently Japan. We have been a couple for over four years, but we just celebrated our 2nd year as a married couple. I am asked almost daily what it is like to be a military spouse. The first thing I tell others is that I am a regular supportive spouse, just like them. Every spouse deals with loneliness, stress, exhaustion, etc., no matter what job their significant other has. However, in my case, I am almost always without my husband. I do not sleep while he’s deployed because I am always nervous that I will miss a phone call, email, or message from him. As I said earlier, we have been a couple for over four years now but collectively I have probably spent about a year and a half with him out of those four years. He is constantly gone, whether he is training or deployed. It is most definitely a hard lifestyle to get adjusted to after being a civilian couple for so long. While it can be hard and a struggle at times, it is 100% worth it. I am so proud of my husband and everything he has done as well as everything he will continue to do.

We have successfully overcome many obstacles while being a military family, and we are about to experience our biggest one yet. Our first child, our son, is due before he is allowed to come home from his current deployment. He has missed seeing my growing stomach, he has missed countless baby appointments, he has never felt our son kick or seen him move from the outside of my stomach, and he will most likely miss his arrival into this world.

Being a military wife has been the biggest blessing because I have gotten to experience so many new things and see so many new places. The good always trumps the bad, and I will always be thankful for the past 4 years the military has given us. My husband’s contract ends this year, and he will transition back to being a civilian soon. Our lives will change drastically as we try and figure everything out, but our new adventure is just beginning!

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