#Review: Got To Have It – Miche Interchangeable Purse

I was given a Miche Bag to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone.

purse on stairs

How often do you change purses?  How much time does it take for you to swap everything from your old purse to your new purse?  Miche has you covered with their interchangeable bags!  I LOVE this purse and after checking it out for just a few minutes I knew that I’d have to have another shell (outside cover) so that I could change my purse around quickly.  The bag that you see above is from the Dabney featured collection.  It is the smallest size available which calls for the petite base bag which currently retails for $14.94.  Then you would also select a petite size shell as well.  As you check out the petite shells you will see that the prices range from $14.95 to $23.95.

3 parts to purse

My Miche bag easily comes apart in three sections:  the outside shell, the base bag and the shoulder strap.  This shoulder strap came with the base bag, but Miche offers many other straps to choose from.

purse insert

This is amazing!  The base bag easily slips right into the shell!  You wouldn’t believe how many people I have pulled my purse apart for so that I could show off this Miche interchangeable bag feature. I have to say that I am very impressed!

purse magnet

Here’s what the top of my Miche bag looks like once the base bag has been slipped inside the shell.  The sides are magnets and they cling together and hold everything in place.  You could easily hide a little cash in between the shell and your base bag if you’d like. How many times would you have loved to have taken that granola bar into the park but you were told that no outside food was allowed – problem solved!  Not many people would ever guess that this bag would come apart this way. Who would know that your favorite granola bar was hidden underneath your Miche base bag?

purse inside

There is one side pocket in the petite (smallest) Miche base bag which I reviewed.  It is great for lipstick, etc. but it will not hold my iPhone 6 due to the height of my phone/ case.  This is not a problem, as I have many other items that I like to store in this pocket.  All in all, I give this Miche petite bag a huge thumbs up!  I have two people to buy birthday gifts for this month so they will both be getting petite Miche bags.  I will be ordering from their bundle and save page.  As of now, 1/13/2015, I can get one petite base bag and two shells for $49.95.

Make sure you check out this site!  These purses look even better than person than they do on the site.  Have fun browsing their site, there are tons of bags to choose from.

Interested in hosting a Miche party or becoming a Miche representative?  You can find all the info you need by clicking HERE.



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