#MonsterTruckJam Houston Texas – A MUST See!

Houston Skyline

We’re on our way to Monster Truck Jam in Houston, Texas. Each year our family looks forward to going to this event.  The kids especially love the Pitt Pass where they can take pictures with the monster trucks and get signatures from the drivers.

boys truck jam signature Metal Mulisha

Here’s our first stop for signatures.  My youngest always wears a light colored shirt for signatures, while my oldest purchases a Monster Truck Jam magazine for his autographs.

boys Monster Truck Jam drivers

The drivers are always very nice and eager to jump into the pictures with the kids.

boys Bobbie Monster Truck Jam

Time for a little group selfie fun in front of the Jester Monster Truck.

boys Monster Truck Jam Dalmation

This truck was awesome and had a lady driver who put on a great show!

Monster Truck Jam jump

Here she is in action!  She definitely knew how to handle her truck.

Grave Digger wreck

As always, Gravedigger puts on an awesome show for his fans.  This is how the Houston Monster Jam Show ended on January 17, 2015.

If you haven’t ever attended a Monster Truck Jam event I highly recommend going at least once to check it out.

Here’s a few tips to keep in mind that will help make your Monster Truck Jam experience more enjoyable:

  • Check the available Monster Truck Jam dates in your area, most shows will return a few times at each available venue.
  • Purchase a Pitt Pass along with your tickets so that you can meet the drivers, get close up photos and driver autographs.
  • The pitt is a dirty mud floor so wear shoes that you won’t mind getting dirty.
  • Decide what you’d like to use for driver autographs:  personal shirt, notebook from home, Monster Truck Jam magazine that can be purchased at the Monster Truck Jam, etc.
  • Get your camera ready with lots of space available for pictures.
  • Bring ear plugs, even if you don’t plan on wearing them.  The lower your seats, the louder the noise.  Babies will not enjoy this experience, so a babysitter is highly recommended due to the noise level.
  • Concessions will be expensive, plan ahead and purchase the refillable cups when buying your drink and be prepared to share with your family.



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