Nail Polish Tips and Tricks


It is nice to get your nails done at a salon while you sit back and relax, but that can get a little expensive if you get it done often.  I have some tips that will help you get that salon shine and style on your nails for basically less than half of the cost in the comfort of your own home!

When you paint your nails, you want the polish to stay on for more than a few days.  However, the polish usually chips off within a few hours depending on your activity level.  If you pay attention to what they do at the salon, they will take a cotton ball and rub it on your nails before they start your manicure.  Apparently they put nail polish remover on your nails before they put the polish on!  That is supposed to help the polish last longer.  I have also heard soaking your fingertips in white vinegar before you paint your nails helps as well.

Another strange yet proven tip is to spray your freshly polished nails with PAM Cooking spray!  Once you spray them, let them dry for a minute then wipe the PAM off.  This will make your fingernails dry much faster than just airing them out.


Looking to give yourself an easy French manicure?  No problem!  Grab some clear Band-Aids and place then on your nail so that rounded tip is on your nail, leaving the tips exposed for your white polish.  You will get the perfect arch for your white tips.  After the white polish has dried, paint over your whole nail with clear polish.  Easy!

Have you noticed how expensive Matte polish is?  Money is no longer an issue when you can make your own!  All you need is some eye shadow in the color of your choice and some topcoat polish.  Mix the two together, and you have Matte Polish!

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I hope you use some of these tips and give yourself a nice manicure at home!


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