Organizing Your Christmas Decor Saves Time

Christmas Organizing Decor

I love the Christmas decorations, but each year I dread putting everything back up in the attic.  It makes a huge mess and takes a long time.  This year I spent a little extra time organizing my Christmas decorations as I put them away so that next year I’ll be more organized when it comes time to decorate our home for Christmas again.

Hopefully you’ve had time to get your Christmas decorations put up for the year, but if you’re household is as busy as mine, there’s a chance that you’re still dreading the job ahead of you.

As you pulled your Christmas decorations out this year, did you come across items that you haven’t used in the past few years?  Have you thought about donating those items are tossing out a few of them?  Each year I pull down tubs of Christmas decoration, dig through them and put them back up in the attic without using a lot of the items in our tubs.  This year, I made a donation pile, then organized and labeled each tub.  This way I will be able to pick and choose which tubs I bring down from the attic instead of digging through all 12 of them to find the Christmas decorations that I am looking for.

Christmas Organized Tubs

Here’s a view of a few of my tubs.  We have 2 Christmas Trees that we decorate so next year if we only decide to decorate our main tree, I will be able to quickly find those decorations without pulling all my tubs apart.

I don’t know about you, but I am a saver, yet I wouldn’t quite call myself a hoarder.  It is hard for me to let go of items that I have kept for so many years, so packing them away safely in tubs makes will allow me to hang onto my items without the need to sort through them each year.

Did you organize your Christmas decorations this year?  If not, do you have an organization plan for next year?



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