Proper Breathing While Running

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One of the most common complaints while running is that it is hard to breathe and you end up with a pain in your chest.  There are a few proper breathing techniques you can try to see if running gets any easier for you!

First, try rhythmic breathing.  There are a few breathing patterns you can try out to see which one works best for you.  This can get a little confusing – when you are running, try to exhale when your when your feet hit the ground, but switch feet and exhales each time.  By switching it up, you are less likely to over-exert yourself and cause an injury you do not want to deal with!

If rhythmic breathing does not work for you, try deep breathing.  You must make sure that you are breathing from your belly and diaphragm area in order for this to be comfortable and successful.  Deep breathing allows you to deliver more oxygen to your circulatory system and the muscles you are using while running.

One of the most common breathing techniques is nose and mouth breathing.  You will often hear people tell you to breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth.  While running, you should make sure that your mouth is always open just a little bit, no matter how you are breathing.  If you are doing nose and mouth breathing, your muscles will be more relaxed if you keep your mouth open.  Like relaxation in your mouth muscles, it will also keep your body relaxed thus making running a little easier.

One of the last things you can try is strengthening your core.  While running uses mostly legs and your heart, your lungs take a real beating because your breathing tends to be a lot harsher.  By doing some core strength exercises, you are also helping your lungs, which will boost your endurance.

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