RampShot Outdoor Game $50 Amazon #Giveaway

I was given a RampShot outdoor game to use in facilitating my review. All opinions are mine alone.



The RampShot outdoor game comes with everything you see above:

  • 2 RampShot Ramps
  • 2 RampShot Nets and 2 RampShot Stickers which we placed on the ramps ourselves
  • 4 RampShot Balls

My family and I love a great outdoor game!  We live on a greenbelt and have the perfect place to keep these games set up for days on end.  For us, the kids play these games year round but they are a HUGE hit at our birthday parties.  We set up games in the driveway, as well as games in the greenbelt.  The kids love hanging out and jumping from game to game at our parties.  RampShot was designed for four players and recommended for ages 10 and up.  The great thing about the RampShot outdoor game is that it keeps multiple people involved at once so no one gets bored while waiting their turn.  Three of the four players are always moving during every play.  Points can be gained through both tossing and catching the RampShot balls. When the balls are bounced on the top grooves of the RampShot ramps, get ready for an unpredictable bounce that will keep you on your toes!

My boys and I got a little creative and came up with our own three player version and so can you if there are not always four players available.  My sons are 14 and 8 and each one of them had a lot of fun with this.  Age 10 is just a recommended age, but it all depends on the child.  My 8 year old and his buddies also have a great time playing RampShot with just two players.

Check out the video above to see this game in action with four players.

rampshot 2

Here’s our RampShot outdoor game, in our greenbelt where it is set up fifteen feet apart from one another.  This is the recommended distance for this game, but again, you can always adjust this if younger children are playing.  The RampShot balls are bright green and yellow which are perfect for our yard and all the leaves.  The bright colors keep us from losing the balls when they bounce too far away from our game area.

Ramp Shot3

Here’s a close up of one of our RampShot ramps. see the netting inside the back portion?  That is exactly where you want your balls to land.  My 14 year old plays basketball and couldn’t wait to get this game set up so he could play.  He even plays by himself, challenging himself to see how many balls he can get to stay in the back netting portion of the RampShot ramps.  These balls do bounce, so the shots have to be made just right or your ball will bounce away from the ramp.

The ramps are easily stacked on top of each other with the balls held in between the two ramps in the netting.  RampShot could be very easily carried with you to the beach, on a camping trip, tailgating party or kept at college to use when you’ve got the time to relax and need to de-stress.  It works best when played on the grass or in the sand.

Where Do You Buy RampShot?

The RampShot Outdoor game, and its’ replacement balls can be purchased directly from RampShot.com and even found on Amazon.  As of 1/19/15 RampShot is only available online, but soon it will appear in retail locations.

Coupon Code Available For 15% off

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Giveaway – What can you win?

RampShot is offering a giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card on BlogWithMom.com.  This giveaway will be available to US recipients age 18 and up.  The winner will receive the $50 Amazon gift card through the mail.  Make sure to bookmark this post and come back daily to tweet it out for extra entries – good luck!

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  1. I would use Ramp Shot in my backyard with my kids. What a fun game. I have never heard of it until today.

  2. I am lucky to live half a block from a park with a large grassy area. I would take it to play there.

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  4. We’d play in our back yard so that we can jump in the pool to cool off after a hard fought battle.

  5. That looks like great fun for the cottage! Getting the kids outside and playing together more is always a good thing!

  6. We would play it in our backyard. And I’d probably also take it to the beach with us this summer!

  7. As a single Mom with 3 kids, I use my Backyard for all kinds of games and would set up Ramp Shot in my backyard.

  8. I would play in my backyard. We have a large backyard and have weekend grill-outs at my house in the summer. This would be a fun addition to the party.

  9. This would be great to play in the huge park-like space behind my house. It may be snowy today, but it won’t be long before we can be out there having fun again.

    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  10. Where would you most likely play RampShot

    i probably would,but i dont know how often i would play..maye ill get addicted..who knows..thanks

  11. We happen to have a fenced in yard (mostly for our dogs) but the yard would be a perfect place to play this game.

  12. I would play with my nephews – they need more outside stuff to do and this would be age appropriate

  13. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    Sometimes in the backyard ~ but it would be even more fun when we have a picnic at the beach or in the park down the street.

  14. We always do something outdoors for my daughter’s birthday party and this would be great to add to our game list!

  15. We’d definitely play this in my parents’ backyard in spring and summer — we love outdoor games like badminton and this would be a nice change of pace!

  16. We would play it in the back yard. My family likes to play yard games and this would be a great addition.

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