Simple Beauty Tips

Beauty wise, some days are just better than others.  There is no denying it! I have a few simple beauty tips that can help you feel better about yourself on the days where you do not feel so good about what the day holds.


Have you ever heard of Witch Hazel?  If you ever get your eyebrows waxed, you have probably had this stuff rubbed on the freshly waxed spot on your face to help with swelling or the burning sensation you get from the wax.  That’s not all Witch Hazel is good for, though!  It is an acne fighter, it can reduce puffy eyes, treat varicose veins, helps to heal bruises, keeps your skin moisturized, treats razor burn, and can also help out with eczema and psoriasis!  Impressive, right?

I have heard that Coconut Oil is literally a lifesaver and can be used for anything and everything!  It is often referred to as the healthiest oil on Earth.  If that doesn’t make you feel good about it, I don’t know what will!  Coconut Oil has many uses, but it can help with wrinkles and other aging stuff we all go through.

I know in the mornings I look forward to a hot shower to help me wake up and relax any muscles that may be tense from sleeping on them funny at night.  However, sometimes cooler showers are better!  Hot water can actually strip your skin and hair of essential oils that keep you moisturized so your skin doesn’t dry out as quickly.

Something we never really think to do is to clean off our electronic devices that touch our faces!  You would not believe how dirty our phones are due to them being in our hands on our faces every day!  Using an electronic-safe wipe, make sure you clean your phone often . You will probably notice a huge difference in  your skin after you start that routine.

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