5 Traits Of A Great Boarding School


Do you foresee a need for a boarding school search in your future?  Just as not all regular schools are cut from the same academic cloth, the same is true of boarding schools.  While you’re deciding on which school to attend, there are probably several specific traits that you want to consider for personal reasons.  It’s also important that you take note of five other specific traits to narrow your options and find the best school.

1. Exemplary Leadership

Any great business, team, organization or school needs great leadership if it has any hope of being successful and creating a proud legacy.  The leaders of boarding schools should have a clear and well-defined vision of where the school and the students are going and what they hope to accomplish.  Boarding school leaders should also have the experience necessary to bring their goals to life as well as the ability to raise the funds needed to complete those goals.

2. Trustee Support

A great leader will only be able to do so much if they aren’t supported by the board of trustees.  Imagine how poor your boarding school experience might be if the leader doesn’t have the full and unwavering support of the board of trustees.  Even if you have a great board working together with a great leader, that won’t mean much if they aren’t able to quickly and easily acclimate to change, which is sure to happen on occasion.

3. Financial Backing from Graduates 

Simply having goals for a boarding school isn’t enough, there have to be financial resources in place to turn those goals into realities.  Students who attended and graduated before you should be willing to support future generations through financial backing.  Look for boarding schools that have alumni events, regular communication with graduates, reunion weekends and homecoming events.  While boarding school leaders and the board of trustees might not ask for graduate financial backing outright, graduates should at least want to contribute.

4. Superior Faculty

You’ll want to be taught by teachers who actually enjoy teaching and are passionate about their chosen subject.  Specifically, teachers at the boarding schools you’re considering should be well-trained, well-experienced and know how to get through to teenagers who are transitioning to young adults.

5. Several Classes to Choose From

Not all students will qualify for advanced placement classes, and even if they do they might not care enough about the subject to enroll.  In this case it’s best to choose a boarding school that offers students several different classes to enroll in.  If you don’t care about a subject, then you more than likely won’t pay attention, will dread coming to class and might fail to learn anything useful.  Boarding schools that offer several different classes give students a chance to better explore the world of academics as well as the depths of their mind.

Besides focusing on location, campus and price, don’t forget to focus on some of the more important traits of a great boarding school.  Minor details can make a huge difference in your boarding school and learning experience.

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