Easy Photo Flower and Vase Craft

Are you ready for another craft post?  Buying a vase and flowers can get really expensive (especially around Valentine’s Day when the prices are marked up even higher than usual) but I have found a cheaper way to make a photo flower craft and put it in a homemade vase!  Kids will love this one because it is very hands-on and they will be so proud to hand it over to the person receiving the gift!


See the image above for a quick version of this craft.  These photo flowers can easily be glued onto old magnets and placed on the fridge for everyone to see.

You will need the following supplies to create the photo flower and vase:

  • Construction paper
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Pictures of your child’s face
  • Tissue Paper
  • A clear plastic cup
  • Some Clay or Play Dough

Start out by painting some of your construction paper.  You can use a paint and paint brush but some people will find roller paints easier to use and much less messy.  Fold each piece of painted paper into strips and then fold each strip into thirds and staple three strips together.  Glue pictures of your child (or pet if you do not have children) to each flower and attach a pipe cleaner to the back as the stem.

The clear plastic cup will be used as your vase.  Glue some tissue paper to the plastic cup to decorate it and tie a ribbon around it if you would like to do that also.  Get creative!  After you have done that, take your clay or play dough and put it in the bottom of your cup.  Stick your pipe cleaner (stem) into the clay and your project is complete.  This would be a great gift for any parent or grandparent on any occasion.  You could also have your child make this for his or her teacher or babysitter.  Handmade gifts like this are the best because your child took the time to make it especially for the person receiving the gift!

Photo Credit:  www.savvymom.ca


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