Infographic: How To Wear Scarf Guide

I have always loved the look that can be achieved by wearing scarves, but have never attempted this myself.  I get hot real easy and wear mostly tee shirts since it is hot most of the time here in Texas.  Maybe if I lived in a cold climate I would be more apt to seek out scarves.  I received a very nice one for Christmas one year but with this crazy Texas weather, I’m lucky if I have even worn it twice.  One day it can be cool and the next day just absolutely beautiful!  How often do you wear scarves?  Do you wear them only in the cool weather or do you accessorize with them?

I was very happy to see this infographic come in, hoping that it would give me some scarf wearing ideas that I could use myself.  Have you ever seen anyone wear a scarf around their ankle?  Check out the infographic below. I may have to try the belt idea, who knows, it may grow on me!

Scarves by Chan Luu

Presented by Chan Luu

How many scarves do you own?  Do you own a different scarf for different seasons?  What draws you in to a certain scarf, is it the color, the texture or the thickness?  Looks like there is a lot more to think of when accessorizing with a scarf than I had realized.  I may not wear scarves to accessorize year round but I do like them in the summer.  They are great for your hair while at the beach or pool and also great to wrap around your bathing suit when you are around a bunch of people.

How do you like to wear your scarves?

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