Infographic: Professional Athlete Salaries

Have you ever wondered about the ins and outs of male and female professional athlete salaries?  This was definitely a great infographic for me because my boys both talk about playing in the NBA each time they watch a professional game on television.  They have SO many questions and of course there’s no way that I could ever answer all of them without a little research.

You’ve probably already guessed that female athletes earn far less then males, but if not, after you read over the infographic there will be no question as to which gender earns the most money when it comes to professional athlete salaries.  Was becoming a professional athlete ever a dream or yours or of anyone that you know?  Do you know any children that dream of becoming a professional athlete?  If so, which sport do they dream about playing professionally?  My kids only have one sport on the mind and that is definitely basketball.  They love watching James Harden and Dwight Howard play on the Rockets.  My youngest says he needs James Howards skills and height.  He even calls himself mini Harden at school.  It’s good to have dreams and goals, it gives you something to look forward to in the future.  Our oldest son is now on the highschool basketball team and we are so proud of him.  If the youngest can make the high school basketball team when he is in highschool, that will great!  If they are able to play college ball that would even be better, but whatever they do in life, we will be proud of them.  They are great kids with big hearts!

Now drop on down and check out this infographic and see what’s in store for those who make it as a professional athlete.

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