I Am Participating In The #LumiaSwitch Project

I received a Nokia Lumia 830 phone to use in facilitating my review through the #LumiaSwitch project.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.  

lumia and box

Above you will see my new Nokia Lumia 830.  I  received it through the #LumiaSwitch Project.  I am currently an iPhone user, so getting used to this phone has been somewhat of a learning curve, but I am getting there.  Any time you switch or upgrade devices, there is always a learning period before you are up and going at full speed again.

lumia backing

For me, the learning curve began during set up when it was time to install the SIM card.  My boys were so excited about the new phone and already calling dibs on who was going to get to play games on it first which added to my stress level.  My son had already inserted the battery which caused me to totally miss the directions that showed where and how to install the SIM card.  You guess it!  I stuck the SIM card in the wrong hole and then lost it inside the phone!  After pulling it out with a pair of tweasers, I had to ask for help from a fellow #LumiaSwitch blogger before I realized what I had done wrong.  With this said, I have to say that the Nokia Lumia 830 SIM card is very durable.  It works just fine after withstanding the battle with me and my tweasers!


Here’s a closeup of the Nokia Lumia 830 phone screen.  This Windows phone has lots to offer, which I am very excited to learn about through the #LumiaSwitch project.  My sons were thrilled with the backing option.  The phone came with both a black backing or a bright green one, so of course, our phone is sporting the bright green backing right now, but I highly suggest getting a phone case.  The backing on this phone is very easily removed, so adding a case will protect your phone as it is dropped.  No one intends on dropping their phone, but it happens, so better to be prepared for when it does.

The battery on this phone is also very durable.  I say that because all of my family members have been testing out this phone without remembering to put it on the charger at night and it is still up and going.

I have heard a lot about the camera options on this phone, so I am most excited to learn more about the camera options.  The Nokia Lumia 830 camera comes with a best shot, action shot, motion focus, and also the option of removing moving objects and changing faces.  As a blogger, the camera on my phone is very important to me and I can’t wait to test this one out!

My boys couldn’t wait to get inside the app store so we opened our Microsoft account very quickly once we got the phone put together and charged up.  They found many free games that they have been enjoying on our new Nokia phone.

What phone do you currently use?  The next time you upgrade, would you consider going with the Nokia Lumia 830 Windows phone?



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