Valentine’s Day Card Box For School Exchange

Valentine's Day cards

Tomorrow the Valentines’s Day cards and Valentine’s Day boxes are due at school.  The kids will exchange Valentine’s Day cards and also need to have their own personalized box or bag to use for collecting their own Valentine’s Day cards during their Valentine’s Day Class Party.  Luckily I had hit a great Valentine’s Day sale last year and we were set with the cards, all we needed was a sucker for each student.  My fun had a lot of fun personally selecting the different cards for each of his classmates.  After we had written the names on each of the cards all we had left to do was tape on a sucker to each card.  If you are feeling crafty, you can also make the Valentine’s Day cards with your kids.

Valentines Day Card Box

Next it was time to make a box for my son to bring his Valentine’s Day card home from school in that he would receive from his friends as school.  My son is eight and would rather just carry a generic bag so nothing too “cutesy” would work for him.  In just a few minutes, I had created a fun box for him that he could personalize himself.  All you need is aluminum foil, scissors and a shoe box.   I cut a hole in the top of the shoe box and then taped the shoe box shut with packing tape.  Next, just wrap your box in aluminum foil and tape it well at the ends and you’re done!

Valentines Day Box Finished

Here’s a shot of the fun box I threw together.  You can also see how our quick Valentine’s Day cards came out after we taped a sucker on each one.  Before my son takes this box to school, he will need to personalize it.

He is very picky, so I will leave that up to him, but here are a few quick ideas that I have for items that could be used to decorate this box:

  • Stickers
  • Valentine’s Day Cards
  • Permanent Markers

Do you have any ideas for finishing up this card box?  What items would you use that could be easily found around your house?


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