Valentine’s Day Cards Kids Can Make


Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Aside from giving out candy and cards, what do kids like to do for others?  Create things!  They like to get crafty!  In fact, they may want to make their own Valentine’s Day cards this year.

I have an inexpensive yet fun craft your child can do to make their own cards to hand out to friends.  Please note these are a little bigger than the normal Valentine’s Day card, but they are fun and kids love them!  You and your child are about to make Lovey Dovey Caterpillar cards!

 What you will need:

  • Construction paper (pink and red are typical colors for this, but your child can choose any colors they want!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Black marker
  • Googly Eyes
  • Cardstock (regular printer paper will work as well)

With your help, since scissors are being used, help your child draw and cut out hearts from the colored construction paper.  Make sure they cut out one heart that is bigger than the rest.  I recommend five smaller hearts and one bigger one.

After your hearts are cut and ready to go, glue your hearts together in a line or row as to resemble a caterpillar.  Make sure your big heart is the very first heart on the left side.  This will be the caterpillar’s head!

After your caterpillar is all glued together, attach it to your card stock or computer paper.  Glue your googly eyes onto the big heart and draw a little smile underneat them.  You can even add two very small hearts to the top of the big one as antennas if you want!

All you need to do now is draw some feet and you are done!  Fold the top half of the paper over like a card, attach some candy (or whatever you choose!) and write a name on it.  Your caterpillar card is ready to make someone smile!


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If you are short on time, here’s a quick cat version in the image above.  You can also create a fun conversation heart mailboxes with your kids, just click DIY Conversation Heart Mailbox for details.

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Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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