What Is Crowdtap?

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Have you ever heard of Crowdtap?  It is a website where you are able to voice your opinion via “Quick Hits,” which are basically poll questions.  Based on your answers, you will receive picture and text challenges and each one that you complete comes with points rewarded to you in that particular brand category.  There are dozens of brands on Crowdtap (Neutrogena, Walmart, Beauty, etc.) and each month you have the opportunity to win gift cards to different places such as Amazon, Walmart, Ulta, Target, and more.   Your points are equivalent to entries for the monthly drawings!

If you are a good candidate, they will invite you to sample products and host parties.  Since these are actual parties, the kits they send are almost always FULL of goodies!  I have a friend who has hosted many parties through them, and the kits usually contain enough items for 11 people to have their own goody bag/kit to take home with them!  All they ask is that you take some pictures and talk about your experience using the products and how your party went.

One of my favorite things about Crowdtap is that they donate to charities often.  You can actually choose what charity you want them to donate to when you create your account!  Note: You do not have to pay anything for that – they automatically donate to the charity of your choice.

If you are interested in signing up, head over here and start creating your profile!  My friend was already receiving samples within a month of signing up, and they are not stingy about it either!  Party kits and samples are always very generous with them!  Plus, hosting parties is a great way to bring family and friends together!

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*The link above is not an affiliate link. I do not receive any credit if you sign up

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