Keep Your Child’s Spelling Words Handy

spelling words

My son has a weekly spelling test which we prepare for throughout the week.  Sometimes he is in the mood to study and we don’t have the spelling list with us.  Yes, we can remember a few words, but depending on how much we have studied these works so far, we can’t always remember very many of them of the top of our heads for us to review at any given time.  In order to be prepared to study his spelling words at any given time, I take a picture of them each week and store them on my phone camera.  This way, no matter where we are, if I have my phone with me, then we’ve got the spelling word list handy.

He can use my phone to read through the list of spelling words on his own or I can use the phone to quiz him when we have time to spare while waiting for an appointment, etc.  It is a great idea to also post the weekly spelling words in your home in an area where he will see them daily, but again, that list on the fridge will not help you when you are away from the house and your child is in the mood to study.  Face it, our children are not always in the mood to study, so when they are, it pays off to be prepared!

How many different ways do you use the camera on your cell phone?  Do you use it for a specific item on your grocery list or to remember where you parked when you are in a large parking lot?

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