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I have been thinking about setting up mobile payment for my Advocare business.  Many times I am asked to take a credit card and the only way that I can accept the credit card is if I am able to place the Advocare order directly on my site and have the products shipped to the customer.  Many times I have the items on hand and at that point can only take cash or check as form of payment since I am not set up to accept mobile payments.

Years ago, I made and sold gel candles through my business which was called Munsey’s Creative Candles.  My husband and I sold our candles at various craft shows and had a portable credit card machine that enabled us to accept credit card payments on the spot.  That was about 14 years ago when there was no thought of the possibilities of a smartphone and their abilities to process payments.  Now the abilities of the smartphone are HUGE and growing every day.  It would be very handy for me to be able to accept credit card payments at the gym, picking my child up from school, etc.  I never know when an Advocare sale will come in, but having a way to accept mobile payments would ensure that I didn’t have to turn any payments down due to my inability to accept them.

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Do you sell products such as Advocare, Scentsy, Younique, Lilla Rose, etc?  Do you keep stock at your house or do you order products as they are requested?  Have you been asked to accept a credit card or are all your order paid for with cash or checks?


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  1. I just received the PayPal credit card reader for my phone too! Great minds really do think a like. Being a Younique presenter I want to be able to sell my 3D Fiber Lash mascara everywhere.

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