Ace Your Interview With These Tips


Interviews can be very scary and hectic but also very exciting at the same time.  I have a few tips that will help you in the process of trying to land your dream job!

  1. Prepare ahead of time.  You need to do your company research and create your online profile.  The more you know about a company the better.  Your online profile should be a professional reflection of yourself.  If you have any pictures up of you partying or doing anything remotely inappropriate, make sure you take them down.  Companies in this day and age like to go online and do their research about you just like you do your research about them.  You don’t want them finding anything they can use against you that can affect you getting this job or not.
  1. My second tip is to be on time.  Sometimes it is better to arrive a little bit earlier than to arrive exactly on time.  Companies like employees who show up when they are supposed to show up but usually “on time” translates into “be here five minutes earlier than scheduled.”
  1. Make sure you dress for success.  Even if your job is in a casual environment, you want to dress up just a little bit more to show that you care about your job.  This also shows a great level of respect for your boss and your coworkers as well.
  1. One last tip is to sell yourself in a very professional manner.  You should take a few moments to tell the company why you would be a valuable asset to their team and then let them know that you are actually interested in the position you are applying for.  You do not want to sound like you are bragging about yourself so make sure to not go too crazy with that!  Stick to the simple yet powerful skills that you have, and you should do great!

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