Blinds: Driving Property Prices Up


It doesn’t matter who you are, we’re all trying to find the next way to drive the price of our property upwards.  Most of us rely on all sorts of advanced methods; ranging from garage conversions, to creating multiple rooms out of one space.

It’s often the smaller issues which are completely ignored.  As the title may have suggested, blinds most certainly fall into this category and they are a completely under-utilized tool when it comes to adding value onto your property.  Of course, this isn’t for the sole reason that they can look great on the eye.  While this industry has invested heavily in relation to designs over the course of history, this in itself is never going to be the deciding factor for potential buyers.

Instead, these factors all relate to the investments that manufacturers have made in other places.

Let’s start with the most significant – the ability for a blind to improve the thermal efficiency of a room.  Considering the fact that some studies have proven that blinds can shed over $500 a year from an energy bill, this should not be underestimated.  Some blinds, such as the insulated shade, have been released to keep heat within a room and subsequently dissuade us from turning to the boiler on a frequent basis.

Other blinds, like the solar shade, work in the opposite way and instead focus on preventing powerful UV rays from penetrating our rooms and making them inhabitable during the summer months.  Needless to say, when such fittings can save a household so much money, it stands to reason that this is represented in the final asking price.

That previous issue leads onto the next value, which is boosting benefit.  Admittedly, this isn’t going to affect every household in the country, but sound insulation is something that can be absolutely crucial for some homes in particularly noisy areas.  In other words, if your property happens to be based next to a busy road, a set of insulated blinds can dampen the noise and make the room so much quieter.


Next, it’s all about keeping a view.  Again, this isn’t going to affect every house in the land, but there are some properties out there which might be blessed with oceans of countryside, but they just aren’t able to take advantage of such views due to prying eyes.  There’s a big balancing act to find between privacy and beautiful views, but with inventions such as the top-down bottom-up shade this can be put to one side.  The lower segment of a window can be blocked out, allowing occupiers to see far into the distance without others prying through the glazing as they pass by.

In essence, all of these suggestions are actually quite simple.  However, when the next real estate broker visits your property and sees that any energy, noise and privacy issues have been addressed, there’s no doubt that this is going to be represented in the overall valuation he slaps on it.

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    1. Good luck on your house sale Tess. For now, just keep your home as clean as you can and touch up the wall paint where needed. Light fixture updates can also be very eye catching as well.

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