Does Your House Need A Creativity Wall?

If you have a child who is extremely creative and absolutely loves drawing and painting all over your house (including the walls), there are tons of ways to avoid your actual walls getting messed up but still allowing them to be creative in their own ways.


If you have an open space in their room or a playroom, consider getting some chalkboard paint! You can paint a whole wall with chalkboard paint and let them go to town. You never have to worry about the wall getting ruined and having to scrub with a magic eraser or re-paint if it gets to be bad enough.  They can use their imagination and create backgrounds or draw pictures, and you can even help them learn their spelling words by writing them on the chalkboard wall and having them write them out as well.  There are tons of things you can do with a wall like that, and your kids will love it!

If a store near your carries it, you can also find magnetic chalkboard paint so you can hang up pictures and magnetic letters (among other fun items!) on their wall.  This is a great way to show off those graded papers and other awards from school or daycare.  There are also magnetic chalkboard walls available.

If you are able to, buy a huge roll of blank drawing paper and hang it up on the wall using a rod of sorts.  Underneath the paper roll, hang up a picture frame that allows you to pull the paper down from the roll and into the frame so they can color or draw pictures within the frame in the paper and then tear it off when they are done.  After they finish their picture and tear it off, they can pull some more paper down in the frame and start all over.

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