I Look Forward To Basketball Tournaments


Highschool basketball is over but now it is time for AAU basketball tournaments to get underway.  Many people say “Aren’t you ready for a break from basketball.”  A break would be nice, but there is nothing more enjoyable than watching your child play a sport that they love.  I am definitely a proud basketball mom!

Keep in mind, I never liked watching sports on television or live at the stadium until my son started becoming interested and now I even enjoy watching sports on television.  My boys have big dreams in terms of their upcoming sports careers throughout their future school years.  It’s good for them to dream and to know that they must work hard in order to attain their goals.  There are so many kids in the schools here that the sports competition levels are out of this world and only the best of the best can get a spot on the high school team.  Since competition is always rising, if you let up, you risk giving up your spot to another player hence the statement “Ball is Life.”

Hyperfuse AAU March

This is Travis’ team, it is the freshman Hyperfuse team. They are warming up for the second day of their weekend basketball tournament.  Their team practices twice a week and has tournaments on given weekends.

Has your child expressed interest in playing basketball?  If so, here’s a few tips:

  • Always pack a cooler with extra waters and good snacks for the entire family for in between games.
  • Carry an extra jersey in case they should get blood on their jersey during game time.
  • Be prepared with an extra set of game shorts in case their waist band drawstring tie should break.
  • If it’s going to be an all day tournament or one lasting into the night hours, pack yourself a Spark energy drink.  Drinking one of these Spark drinks is a huge plus for me because when I get home, my work is just starting.  That means time to get all kids settled down, in the shower and ready for bed.  I also have to get all the game day clothing washed and ready for the next day if the tournament runs over into day two.  Lots to do, so get organized and be prepared!

*I am an Advocare Advisor.  If you have any Advocare, Spark drink questions, feel free to list them in the comment section or email me at bobbiemunsey@gmail.com

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