Obsessed With Chia Pop Popcorn

popcorn measured

I count calories daily, which means that it is important to me that I find low calorie snacks that I enjoy eating on a regular basis.  Low calorie popcorn is one of my favorites, but I have to measure it and put the bag up or else I’ll eat too much of it.

popcorn Advocare snack

When I am on the go, it’s important that I take a snack with me in order to keep myself in line while I am out.  Above you will see my favorite “road trip snacks.”  I like flavored water, two cups of Chia Pop Popcorn and my AdvoBar meal replacement bar.  If I need a snack, I will eat the popcorn, but if it is lunch time, I go for the Advobar meal replacement bar.  It’s filling and comes in Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor.

Chia Pop bag

Here’s a bag of my Chia Pop, it comes in two other flavors:  Salt & Cracked Pepper and Classic Theater Style.  I used to purchase it at my local grocery, but now I can only find this online from Amazon.  Click “Chia Pop” to have a look.  I reviewed this popcorn a year ago and am still very fond of it.  Click Chia Pop Review to see last year’s review.

Chia pop bulk

The only downfall of ordering Chia Pop from Amazon is that you must order it in bulk and they do not offer mixed bundles.  In other words, each time you purchase, you will be sent twelve full size bags of the same flavor of popcorn.  This comes down to approximately $3.00 per bag, so gather up your friends and family split this up with them when it arrives.  Depending on the expiration date, storing twelve full size bags of popcorn can be complicated.  I have a few friends at the gym who love this popcorn, so we always split the order once it comes in.

Is this popcorn available in your area?  If you’re interested in purchasing Chia Pop, see the Amazon link below”


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  1. Check out Skinny Pop Popcorn – 150 calories for 3.75 cups, or you can make it yourself with sunflower oil (which can be tricky to find in regular grocers).

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