Is Mobile Payment Set Up On Your Phone?

I was happy to see this infographic come in today since I have been thinking about setting up Apple Pay on my phone.  My husband loves all gadgets and new technology and had Apple Pay set up on his phone the same day as he got his new Apple iPhone 6 Plus.  He was trying to use his Apple Pay at restaurants right off the bat.  A few of the restaurants knew they could accept this form of payment, but they had never processed an Apple Pay payment before.  Of course, my husband was happy to be the first Apple Pay customer.

I am a Paypal fan, but not many retail places in my area accept Paypal.  The other day my son and I rode our bikes to the store.  When we got to the grocery, I realized that I had left my wallet at home and had no way of paying for the groceries.  It was at that time that I could hear my husband’s voice telling me how I should set up Apple Pay so I wouldn’t ever be caught without any money.  If I would’ve set Apple Pay up, then I wouldn’t be stuck at the grocery on a bike with my son and no money to buy the groceries we came to the store to buy. This time, I was in luck!  My eight year old had brought cash with him.  I was ready to just pick up the bare minimum, but my son had $30 in his backpack and we were set!  My son bailed me out that time, but he won’t always be around with cash on hand when this happens to me again.

It’s definitely time for me to look into setting this up on my phone.  Are you currently set up to pay with your phone?  If so, which payment method do you use?

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