Ways To Save Money On Food

Food is a necessary evil and a love at the same time, which means you MUST spend money on it.  There are small ways around spending so much money on food, and we should all take advantage of that if we can.

If you are one of those people who absolutely need some caffeine every morning on the way to work, no shame – we all need that extra boost, substitute coffee for those expensive coffee drinks.  By saving $2 a day on those drinks by buying a coffee instead of a cappuccino or a latte every day for a year, you could save up to $500!  That will definitely come in handy when an emergency arises. For me, I swapped my sodas out for Spark mental focus drinks.  I drink two of these a day for the caffeine that I need, then I drink flavored water throughout the rest of the day.  It is such a great feeling to have finally given up the sodas.  There’s no telling how many sodas I used to drink on a daily basis and sodas can get very expensive when they are not on sale.  If you’d like to hear more about how I kicked the soda habit, click “Break That Soda Addiction With Spark.”

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A popular tip that proves to be very effective is to bring your lunch to work every day if you work outside of the home.  A normal lunch purchase costs around $5 or more.  If you work Monday through Friday, that is $25 out of your pocket weekly on top of any other expenses such as vending machine trips or coffee in the morning. Making your lunch at home could cost much less than $5 (normally around $2.50).  I know how hard it is to turn down that yummy sandwich shop down the street, but you could make that same sandwich PLUS a bag of chips for half of the price!  Same goes if you work at home, be prepared with foods you enjoy so that you aren’t tempted to make a run to the nearby fast food restaurant for a bite to eat.

When you go grocery shopping, make a list and stick to it!  Often times we go grocery shopping with ideas in our heads, but we end up buying twice the amount of food and snacks because of impulse buying due to not having a list.  If you plan your meals ahead of time and make a list of what you need, you are much less likely to overspend.  Adding coupons into the mix will save you even more!  Grab the store circular and coupons that come in the paper and plan your meals around sales and available coupons.

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  1. You are so right–drinks are such an added expense. I find that simply sending my kids to school with reusable water bottles instead of juice boxes is such a money (and sugar) saver. Mostly because they are prepackaged convenience foods. Most kids’ lunch box snack food is the same. You can really save a lot by packing natural, non-processed snacks, like fruit, or buying snacks–like crackers–in large bulk packages and dishing out individual servings yourself. Thanks for the tips! Coffee is a weakness.

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