De-Cluttering Your Home: Bathroom

cluttered bathroom

The bathroom is a sticky area to clean out and de-clutter because everyone has his or her own “stuff” in there.   If everyone follows these tips, though, the bathroom will be less full and look a lot neater and more organized!

  • Towels:  You should have one towel per person and a couple guest towels.  If you are only using your towel for a few minutes per day to wipe water off of a clean body, there is no need to wash it daily or throw it in the hamper after one use and pull another one out.  Try to have one towel per person and two for guests and your laundry load will be cut in half, and the open space in your bathroom cabinets will double.
  • Makeup:  Most women store their makeup in the bathroom.  How much makeup do you have, and how much of it do you actually wear daily?  I have a friend who only keeps what she uses every day (the essentials such as powder, eye shadow and mascara) and nothing more.  This cuts down on the use of counter space!
  • Cleaning supplies:  We tend to buy cleaning supplies each time we go grocery shopping when we still have a cabinet full of half-used bottles of cleaner spray at home.  Use up all of your cleaning supplies before buying more.  Your cabinet under the sink will thank you!
  • The medicine cabinet:  Something we tend to throw stuff in to without going through it is the medicine cabinet.  Chances are you have a ton of expired medication that you haven’t even looked at in months because you only use what’s at the front of the cabinet while the rest gets thrown and forgotten about toward the back.  Take a few minutes to go through your medicine cabinet and clean it out.  Once you have thrown out all of the old stuff, organize the in-date medications.

The last part of our de-cluttering the home series, Part 4, will cover the living room and office.  Keep an eye out for it!

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