De-cluttering Your Home: Kitchen


In Part 1, we discussed de-cluttering the bedroom.  Part 2 is all about the kitchen!  The kitchen is an area that holds a little bit of everything, which means it can get filled up and cluttered pretty quickly!  A few things you can go through (and most likely find a lot to get rid of) are:

  • Glasses and mugs: Any type of cup or mug is automatically a collected item.  If you go to an event and they have a mug as a gift, you take as many as you can.  If you go to the store and they are on clearance for a dollar, you will probably buy five or six just because they are so cheap.  Mugs and cups and other glasses tend to take up a lot of space.  Do you really need all 34 mugs in your cabinet?  There are only seven days in a week, so you should really only need 7 mugs if you plan on using one per day!  Clear a few of those out if you can!
  • Tupperware and other food containers: It is very easy to accumulate a ton of food containers and not realize it.  I have a friend who only owns a few containers (maybe 5).  She has this theory that if you end up with 10 containers of leftovers throughout the week, you are cooking too many meals instead of having an old-fashioned “leftovers night.”
  • Another item that takes up a ton of space is vases.  If you get flowers often, they probably come with a vase.  Vases are beautiful so it’s only natural to want to keep every single one.  Save yourself some space by getting rid of all but two and save some money by buying loose flowers and putting them in the vases you already own!
  • Silverware:  You could also clean out your silverware.  I have a friend who likes to have 2 of each piece PER PERSON. That way, if she has company over she has enough spoons, knives and forks but she does not have too many that the sink is constantly full of them because there are so many in the kitchen.  However many pieces of silverware you choose to own, make sure you have a silverware divider to keep them organized.

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 Part 3 will be here soon, and we will discuss the bathroom.

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