How To Lose Your Post Pregnancy Pounds


If you have just had a baby or run into an old friend that you have not seen for a while, it can often lead to someone asking when is your baby due?  Despite the fact that you have already become a mother.  This can be quite embarrassing and upsetting given the situation.

Doctors often label the six-week period immediately after giving birth as the fourth trimester, simply because your body is still displaying signs of change and you will experience weight fluctuations, which often prompt the embarrassing question about your due date.

After Your Baby Is Born

Your body can easily feel as though it belongs to someone else and not to you after you have given birth, as there are so many changes and challenges going on.  Immediately after giving birth, your uterus starts to shrink and reduce in size, creating a pain that is not dissimilar to menstrual cramps.  You may also experience a fairly heavy bloody discharge that is known as lochia and this will get progressively lighter and probably cease altogether after about six weeks have passed.  If that is not enough to contend with, you will almost undoubtedly be sore from all that stretching and tearing, as well as having to care for your newborn baby.

Weight Fluctuation

On average, women lose somewhere around 10 pounds during the childbirth process, but it takes longer and a concentrated effort on your part to lose the rest of the weight that you may have gained during the whole of your pregnancy.  Even if you fall back to somewhere close to your old pre-baby weight, you may find that your body shape has accumulated some new curves in different areas, which you may find particularly noticeable around the breast and hip areas.

Losing Those Extra Pounds

When things begin to settle down and you are ready to look at tackling those extra pounds, there are a number of ways to get your body back into shape.  If you have already have children and this is not your first pregnancy, you will know what to expect and what might work for you in terms of an action plan.

Some women may decide that it is the right time to consider a tummy-tuck through someone like, so that they can get the shape they want back through cosmetic surgery and in line with a healthy diet and exercise routine, so that their body is back how they want it. Other women may want to work on reshaping their body on their own, while keeping tummy tuck thoughts in the back of their mind for the future.

Find what works for you

It is not unusual to gain upwards of 30lbs during your pregnancy and you should be prepared for this and have a plan that could even start before you are even pregnant but planning for a baby.  If you start exercising and eating more healthily in the build-up towards pregnancy, it will help you to be more prepared and confident to lose the weight after you give birth.

Try to work out a routine in your busy week where you find time to exercise or workout at the gym at least three times a week.  If you go to classes with other mom’s this will help with motivation levels and it will definitely make it easier to lose the extra weight after your baby is born.

Having a good level of fitness, health and vitality won’t stop you adding the pounds during pregnancy, but it will help with your efforts to get your old body back as quickly as possible.

Dr. Kevin Ruhge was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha National Honor Medical Society while completing his medical training.  He also likes to share his insights on the web.  His articles are mainly found on medical and wellness blogs.

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