Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Do you feel that your kitchen is cluttered?  Do you have a designated “home” for all the items in your kitchen?  Is your kitchen in need of a good “clean out?”

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One type of item that takes up a ton of space in kitchens are the plastic storage containers that we put our leftovers in when we are ready to put them in the fridge or freezer.  I am not going to lie, I LOVE my plastic containers and I hate to get rid of them because you never know when you are going to need different sized and shaped containers!  I have been looking into the containers made by companies such as GladeWare because their containers fit inside of each other and the lids interlock with each other, both being space-saving techniques!  These features allow you to fit more into your kitchen cabinets and the containers aren’t falling out when you open the cabinet and you aren’t stacking your containers so high that they all fall when you need one near the bottom of the shelf or stack.

I had knee surgery a few years ago and my husband had to take over the house, the cooking, cleaning, etc.  He is much more organized than I am, so he started organizing items as he went.  The first thing he did was to buy the storage containers which I mentioned above.  He couldn’t stand my stockpile of containers.  He even wrote about his new storage container purchase on his blog:

He bought three sizes of Rubbermaid interlocking storage containers, and I have to admit that it was definitely a change for the good!  I still use these containers.  It is so much easier having lids that fit multiple containers instead of having to dig through my containers to find matching lids every time I was ready to store leftovers.

Since I can’t stand to throw anything away, I went through all my old containers and lids, matched them up and gave them to a friend for her kitchen.  It made me feel good to give her items that she could use and it was nice to organize my kitchen with my new storage containers.

Just by organizing your storage containers, you are one more step closer to having a more organized kitchen space.  Once this is finished, you can start working on more organizing projects!  It’s hard to stop once you start seeing progress!

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