Ready for Spring Cleaning?

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Spring is here, which means along with flowers, allergies will also be blooming.   There are a few things you can do as preventative measures to protect your family as much as possible against attacking allergies.

Spring and cleaning usually go hand in hand, and in the case of allergies it can be especially helpful if you do a really good spring-cleaning.  Starting with your carpets and rugs is a good idea.  If you can, try to get all carpets and rugs steam-cleaned.  By doing this, you are getting rid of extra dirt, dust, dander, and whatever else is hiding in there.  Our carpets and rugs can look clean after a good vacuuming but you would be surprised just how dirty they are once you see the water in your steam cleaner!

If you have ceiling fans, tackle them as well.  They collect dust like no other dust collector and they can really make a person sick if they are not dusted and cleaned regularly.  Think about it – they are circulating the air in your rooms and if they are dusty, so is your air!  Make it a goal to dust and clean your ceiling fans at least once a month.

Something else that may slip our minds is the filter in our air conditioning units.  They are sneaky like the fans and collect a lot of dust on a daily basis.  Like fans, they also circulate air and you do not want to breathe all of that dust and dander in!

Deep cleaning is especially important if you have pets.  Pet hair and dander can spread like wildfire, and it can make someone really sick even if you are not allergic to your pets!  Breathing in the pet hair and whatever else they leave laying around can really mess with your sinuses.  Once the cold weather disappears, take advantage of the warmth, open your windows and start cleaning!  You will feel better about your home, and your home will feel “fresh” which is always a good thing!

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