The Woodlands Special Olympics – Rained Out

We received an email from the basketball program at school about an opportunity to earn community service hours in our community.  The local high school was hosting the Special Olympics over the weekend and many volunteers were needed.  My 14 year old was very excited about this opportunity and we signed him up to work in the track area for the morning.  Unfortunately, we woke to a huge storm on Saturday morning.  Travis had signed up to volunteer from 8 am until noon so we checked in to make sure the Olympics were still on for the day and then pulled out the Frog Togs rain gear.

Travis Frog Togs

He was prepared for a wet day on the track, so we headed out for breakfast and on to the high school where the Special Olympics was being held.

Special Olympics

Of course the rain was still coming down in sheets so we headed out for breakfast and on to the high school.  Once we checked in, everyone was sent to the gym to hang out until the coaches had the morning meeting in order to decide what to do about the rain.  While we were waiting a few of the volunteers set up a game of Duck, Duck, Goose and the kids had a blast!  It was so much fun watching them play, but everyone was upset when the games had to be called off due to the thunder, lightening and intense showers.

The volunteers helped move some of the equipment out of the rain and then everyone was sent home for the day.  We definitely want to be a part of this next year and hopefully the weather will behave.

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