Time For Bedroom Curtains

We renovated a few areas in our house over the last few months.  Our stair railing was unstable, so we replaced that and we also replaced a few of our windows last month.  They were original from where our home was built in 1995 and many of them were foggy inside the double pane glass. The majority of our windows were also allowing huge drafts to come into our home.  During the winter months we ran space heaters throughout our home to cut down on the chill in the air and during the summer months, we cringed as our electric bills skyrocketed!

new windows

Now that we have beautiful new windows in our home, it’s time for some window treatments.  We have lived in our home for eight years now and we’ve never had curtains in our bedroom.  I would like to bring some color in our bedroom to brighten it up.  As for now, our walls are off white, our bedspread neutral in color and we have blinds covering all of our bedroom windows.

bedroom window

When it comes to decorating, this is definitely not my niche so I have been searching online for some great window coverings or curtains that would spice up our neutral, boring bedroom.  I really like the houzz website so I spent tons of time scanning through their bedroom design photos.  This was definitely a great way for me to view how different types of curtains could be used within a bedroom setting.  I love the look of the pull down covered shades, but I need to find curtains that would go well with my existing blinds.

Throughout my online curtain search, I came across a curtain buying guide which explained how to measure and hang your curtains in just a few steps.  Since I am still not sure of the exact type of curtains I will go with, I figured this buying guide would be a good resource for me to bookmark.  Sometimes it is easier to walk through curtain stores where you can personally touch the curtains, but when you work a full time job and have children, finding the extra time to shop isn’t easy.  Since I am not in a hurry to make this decision, I’d rather take my time searching online as I have available time for this, rather than quickly running through the stores in a time crunch.

How do you prefer to shop for decoration items for your home?  Have you ever bought curtains online?

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