5 Educational Apps for Your Teenager


School’s about out for summer for everyone.  That means teenagers will start turning to video games and other electronic devices to keep them entertained.  As a parent, you need to decide how you’re going to combat with your teen on when to turn off the electronic gadgets and do something else.

Here are five educational apps that you can introduce to your teenager and have them learn and keep those devices on during summer break:

Vocabology – Word of the Day
This app offers you a new word every day.  It inspires you to use that word in your daily life, encouraging you to post to social media and take quizzes to check if you understand the word.  This app also offers you words to learn in different languages.  Download the app and watch your teenager’s vocabulary soar.

Star Walk
This is the perfect app for your teen who is amazed by the night sky.  Star Walk shows celestial bodies and objects in the sky through your electronic device.  Just hold it up and it will project onto your phone where all the constellations and planets are located.  Your teen can head outside and gaze at the sky and know that they are looking at the universe.  This app inspires curiosity about what lies out there in space.

If you remember when you were a teenager, you used to write in your diary or journal about your daily life, your wants, your dreams, and your fears.  With this app, you can take your teen into the digital age of journaling.  Most teenagers nowadays hate to write things with a pen and paper, with this app they can document everything by typing it and also interjecting photos and backgrounds to get the ultimate journal.  It is password protected, so your teen doesn’t have to worry about his or her journal being seen.  Foster your teenager’s writing by showing them this app; you may end up with a writer in the family.


Sound Uncovered
This is an app that explores the way people hear. It may not sound exciting at first, but you’d be amazed at the way your ears can play tricks on you. Your teenager will marvel at the auditory illusions and acoustic phenomena this app offers. It’s a nice little interactive app that can help any teenager get through a boring day at home.

Presidents vs. Aliens
Okay, so the name of this app sounds like a possible blockbuster summer flick, but your teenager will enjoy learning presidential facts, quotes, and historical events as ammo against an oncoming alien invasion.  The more presidents you unlock gains you access to bonus games.

These are just five of the hundreds of educational apps out there.  Depending on your teenager’s interests will help you narrow down what apps will work best for them.  Don’t forget to check out YouTube for interesting channels that also introduce learning activities to your teenager.  This summer doesn’t have to be filled with boring learning or fights to get your teenager off their electronic gadgets.  Do some research and impress your teenager with the world of learning out there in the digital world.


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