5 Tips To Get Your Kid To Try New Foods


At some point or another every parents comes to a battle of wills with their child.  Whether it’s over picking up the toys they’ve strewn from one end of the house to the other, putting on appropriate clothing so you can leave the house and make it to an appointment on time or simply following directions, I know my fellow parents have come up against the wall of wills more than once in their parenting days.  For a lot of you the biggest battle comes in the form of getting your picky child to try new foods and speaking from experience, the struggle is real.

With some of the more particularly stubborn kids you really have to dig deep to think of some creative ways to coax them into trying the food you set out for them.  I’ve put together a few of my more successful methods just in case any of my readers have ever found themselves dealing with the picky eater fiasco.

1. Be Consistent

If you become discouraged after just one attempt it will only reinforce your child’s desire to refuse the food placed in front of them.  The old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” works pretty well most of the time.  I’ve found that the more I incorporate a type of food into our weekly menu, the more likely it is that my kids are going to be willing to try them.

2. Let Them Help Prepare Dinner 

I’ve found that it really helps pique a child’s interest about new foods if you let them be a part of the preparation/cooking process.  Let your little ones go to the grocery store with you and help find the ingredients for the meal you’re preparing.  After you’ve done the shopping, let them head into the kitchen with you and help prepare the ingredients they’ve helped gather.  Not only does it help your child feel involved and interested in the food they’ve helped create but it also works as a bonding activity as well.

3. Limit Junk Foods

We’ve all been guilty of giving in when our kids refuse to eat the foods we put in front of them and we’ve all replaced said foods with something we knew for sure our kids would eat.  STOP!  As the parent you have the final say about what foods you bring into the house so be firm and get back on track with bringing healthy foods back to the table.  Eventually your kids will adjust and albeit a bit reluctantly, eat what’s put in front of them.

4. Be The Example

If you won’t eat the food you’re trying to coax your child into eating then why the heck should they?  I struggle with this one a lot because my kids and I share a lot of the same dislikes so I began taking baby steps into incorporating certain foods/fruits/veggies into my own diet and made a show of doing it.  This sometimes helps them take the first step with me.

5. Jazz It Up 

Concocting a healthy cheese sauce is a great way to get little ones to try new things, especially veggies.  If your kiddos aren’t much into cheese head to pinterest, search online or your shelf of cookbooks and see if you can’t find some yummy dips to try.  Ranch or hummus dips are good ones to start with but don’t be afraid to branch out if ranch/hummus isn’t on your favorites list.

We all have our favorite foods and we all have foods that we simply can’t make ourselves choke down.  As little copies of ourselves it’s no surprise that our children can share those likes/dislikes right along with us but it’s important to keep adding new things to try into our diets because, like anything else, eating the same food day after day can get boring and it can also lead to some bad eating habits too.  So, don’t be afraid to bring out the new stuff!

Photo Credit:  research.fuseink.com

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