5 Ways To Lighten Your Home


It’s time to brighten up your home with a little light.  Bright rooms always bring happiness much quicker than the dark rooms that are found throughout your home.

Here are a few easy ways of brightening up your home:

  1. Add fun lighting to your room, not just a metal lamp, but one with color or uniqueness.  One of my favorite lamps is my salt lamp that I have in our living room.  It’s a great conversation piece and something that is very unique and different.
  2. Add lighter colors to your room with new pillows, candles, magazines on your coffee table, throw blankets, wall art or rugs.  I love to keep a thin rug on my coffee table in order to keep scratches and spills from harming it.  We also use rugs at the doorways and have to update them throughout the year in the high traffic areas.
  3. Add fresh paint if you’re up for the challenge.  An accent wall is always fun, and a fresh coat of paint works wonders on any room.
  4. Do you like to use placemats, tablecloths or runners on your kitchen table?  If so, grab some new fun ones in bright colors for the upcoming season change.
  5. Flowering potted plants are also a great way to jazz up a space and bring color into your room.

If you have any additional tips, please share them with us.  A clean, bright home is always enjoyable to come home to.  Make this area your own, decorate it and have fun doing it!  Remember, it’s not necessary to decorate like everyone else, it’s necessary to decorate for yourself and your family, it’s your space – personalize it!

Photo Credit:  www.orkeed.com

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