Check AC Before Summer Keep Family Comfortable


Spring cleaning is a both a popular tradition as well as an important part of summer preparations.  As the hotter months of the year approach, you need to service the air conditioning system to improve its efficiency, minimize breakdowns and extend its overall lifespan.  Air conditioner maintenance will also help to improve indoor air quality, which is important for the health and safety of your family.  The first thing you need to do is clean and clear debris from the HVAC system.  We learned this the hard way,  so this year we’ve already had the AC company out to run a check on our AC before the Texas Summer Heat kicks in.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

There are several AC maintenance tasks that can be performed by the average homeowner.  For instance, cutting tall grass and overhanging branches around the outdoor compressor unit can be done by almost any homeowner.  Cleaning the outdoor unit is also a simple task, especially if it is mounted on the ground or a few feet off the ground.  That said, there are some AC maintenance tasks that can only be handled by a professional.  For instance, if the device fails to start, or to cool the house, there is very little you can do.  The best option is to call a professional HVAC service for assistance.  HVAC contractors can check the AC for problems and carry out the necessary AC Repair work to ensure the system is ready for summer.

Before an air conditioner can be recommissioned to operate during summer, the air filters must be checked and replaced if they are severely clogged or damaged.  While you may be able to clean or replace the filters, the job should be handled by a professional HVAC service with the knowledge and experience needed to do it right.

If you have an AC unit, you will need to hire a professional HVAC service, like Fontana HVAC Services to clean and clear debris from the air ducts.  This is a major AC maintenance work that can only be done by professionals.  By cleaning the air ducts, you and your family will be able to enjoy cool and clean air during summer.  This will enable kids to play indoors comfortably without the risk of developing respiratory problems.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Long summers can jerk up your cooling bills significantly.  For this reason, it is important that you take every possible step to increase the energy efficiency of the system by hiring professionals like those from Woolley Home Solutions to do maintenance checks and ensure it is running optimally.  For instance, the insulation on refrigerant tubes or lines should be checked.  If sections of the insulation are missing or frayed, you must do a replacement.  Secondly, the condenser coils must be cleaned to get rid of any insulation that may have been formed by accumulated dust, which may reduce the ability of the coils to dump heat to the surroundings.

Air conditioner maintenance is important as it can help to reduce the amount of indoor air pollutants and this is necessary if you want to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your kids and the whole family.  AC maintenance will also reduce your energy bills by improving efficiency. Lastly, AC maintenance will reduce breakdowns during the hot summer months.

4 thoughts on “Check AC Before Summer Keep Family Comfortable”

  1. Thanks for reminding us to check our HVAC systems! I think it’s incredibly important, for us mothers, to keep our families cool and protected from the heat. I’m scheduling an appointment with my HVAC technician later this week to ensure everything is working properly. I hope it doesn’t get too warm this summer!

    Lily de Grey |

  2. I actually haven’t had my air conditioner checked yet this year. It’s not quite hot enough to need it yet, so I’ll have to get someone over to take a look at it before we get to that point. It should be nice to have all the maintenance work out of the way so it’s ready to be used right as summer hits.

  3. Checking your AC is something you are always going to want to do. We never realized our AC was broken. It made fan like noises, so we assumed it worked. It took us until our house got to 90° to figure out it was broken.

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