Creative Corner for Kids!


Your coffee is gone, and you’re pretty sure your sanity has wandered off somewhere too.  The kids are into everything and you’re not sure you have the energy to deal with it today.

Sound familiar?  Welcome to the club.  Kids are playful, always learning new things through all their senses. T his means they will get into everything.  Great fun for them, for mom and dad?  Not so much. Is there anyway to fix this?  Aside from sending them to the grandparents?  There sure is, a creative corner!

If you are renting your home, you should be able to take some ideas from this that won’t affect your contract, if you own your home, you’ve got free range!

What Do I Need?

  • Chalkboard paint – These come in a range of colors now, not just black!
  • A corner – a corner of your child’s room is probably best, but any corner can work.
  • A table and chair(s) – Doesn’t need to be huge. Something with a sealed, washable top is best.
  • Containers – for holding all the bits.
  • Craft stuffs – pens, crayons, scissors, paints, glues, brushes etc. It is a creative corner.
  • Waste bin – for obvious reasons
  • Rags – for clean up.

What Do I Do?

To paint your corner you will first want to lightly sand it.  This gives the paint a good surface to stick to.  You’ll then want to paint your corner walls with the chalkboard paint.  Some brands will only require one coat, others will need more. Let it dry before you do anything else!

If you have bought a few different colors of paint, go wild.  Do pictures around the edges of your drawing area, or just make a nice border.

The next thing to do is bring in your table and chairs.  If you only have one child, placing the table in the corner is fine, if you have more than one, make sure you have room around it for them to sit.

Decide where you want your containers to go on the table.  With one child you may just want them lined up along the back, with multiples you would be better off putting them at the ends.  This part is totally at your discretion, but you may want the containers to be held on the table.  This can be done with a screw through the bottom into the table, or you can glue them down.  If you prefer something more detachable, double sided tape will work.

Fill up your containers!  Pens and pencils in one, glues in another and so on.  If you feel like being overly organised, label your containers.  You could make this one of your first creative challenges, and get the kids to decorate the containers how they like.  You can then seal it with something like Mod Podge, and write what they are in permanent marker.

Put your waste bin within close access, bit not so close as to get knocked over every time someone moves.  Just near the corner of an unused part of the table is best.  Place your rags nearby, either in their own bucket, or on a hanger.  It’s totally up to you as long as they are accessible.

One last thing to note, is that if you value your floors, put down a tarp or rug that you don’t mind being ruined from the get go.  It will catch all the spills, and can be either washed or tossed when it is too gross.

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