Our Dog Dakota Met Up With A Raccoon


We live on a greenbelt so we see many wild animals behind the house who are very brave.  The raccoon and opossums like visiting our pool for a drink and even a few nightly swims.  One night this week, a raccoon challenged Dakota.  She was barking to go out, so I let her outside.  She came back in with mud all over her legs, back and had blood running down her face.  The raccoon had put a gash below her eye as you can see in the image above.

Dakota vet

Dakota was up to date with her shots, but we decided to be on the safe side, that we’d get her checked out at the vet the next day.  Here you can see her patiently waiting for the vet to come in.  The vet checked her out: no fever, shots up to date and no additional war wounds.  The vet gave us ointment for her face and said it should start to heal soon.  Since she is a house dog, we had her stay for a bath and a haircut since she was so muddy from her raccoon encounter.

Dakota Bobby vet

Here she is when we picked her up.  Great new Texas haircut and ready to go back home to find that raccoon.  As soon as she hit the backyard she was sniffing for the raccoon, but it was no where to be found.  Later that night, Dakota starts barking to go out and guess who is visiting on our back door step?  The raccoon was back for another challenge, so Dakota had to stay inside until the raccoon headed back to the woods.

Watch out Raccoon, Dakota is on to you!


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