De-Cluttering Your Home: Living Room / Office


It’s time for Part 4 of our De-cluttering the home series!  Part 4 will cover the living room and office area.

  • Books:  If there is one thing that collects dust faster than anything else, it’s a book sitting on a shelf.  If you have a bookshelf full of books, go through them and see which ones you are likely to read again. I f you come up with a stack that you will most likely never pick back up, consider donating them to the local library or giving them away to friends or family.
  • Office Supplies:  If you have tons of folders, notebooks, calendars, etc. sitting around, go through them and see what you are actually using right now and what you plan to use in the near future (as in next week).  You can also consolidate a lot of the folders so everything is divided up in one, and you can get rid of the 4 empty ones left over from that project.
  • This could actually apply to the first suggestions, books, but I wanted to give them their own category – Magazines: Magazines also collect dust (and the occasional paper bug) if you have too many of them sitting in one spot for too long.  If you have magazines from last year, it’s probably time to get rid of them because the celebrity who lost 300 pounds has probably dyed their hair and had three kids since then.
  • Craft supplies:  This is a big one.  Crayons and markers add up quickly.  If you have duplicate colors, get rid of the extra ones!  You do not need 5 red markers and 6 blue crayons unless you color for hours every single day.  You can clear out so much space by getting rid of duplicate supplies such as those markers, crayons, scissors, etc.

That completes the 4-part series of De-cluttering your home!  Hopefully by now you have some extra space and a more organized home!

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What other tips do you have for us?  Share them in the comment section below.

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