May 6 Houston Rockets Playoff Game Vs. LA Clippers

Family Rockets

Our family was thrilled to be able to attend the May 6, 2015 Houston Rockets Playoffs Game vs. LA Clippers.  Here we are outside the Houston Rockets gates at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

Rockets Playoffs

Here’s a view from the inside.  There were lots of people proudly wearing their Red Nation tee shirts.  The doors open at 7:00 which gives you time to walk around before the game, take pictures, visit the food stands and hang out in the special activity areas located throughout the Toyota Center.

Bobby Rockets

Bobby is a die-hard Harden fan.  We picked this tee shirt up for him before the game.

Red Nation Rockets May 6 Playoffs

It was a surprise to see a Red Nation tee shirt laid across every seat in the stands!  Time to gear up for a win!

Rockets shirt

Here’s a close up of the Red Nation tee shirts that were left on the seats for the fans to wear.  They were size XL so that most everyone could proudly wear these red shirts throughout the game.

Rockets Shirt Banner

Check it out! The camera focused in on the fans that hadn’t gotten their Red Nation shirts on yet.  These fans were a little hesitant, but after seeing themselves on the screen for awhile with “Put your shirt on” blinking, they decided to join in and through on their Red Nation shirts.

Nacho Bowl Stand

We’ve always seen these huge nacho bowls, so since it was Playoffs, we ordered two of them to share during the game.

Nacho Bowl

They were HUGE!  Now we know, that one bowl is enough for everyone.  There was no way my son and I could eat all this alone, but we were so glad we bought them, they were fantastic!

Rockets Game Opener

The Houston Rockets are on FIRE!

Rockets American Flag

This was displayed during the National Anthem.  The fans have on their Red Nation shirts and we’re ready for a WIN!

Rockets vs LA Clippers

This was flashing across the screen several times during the game. “BEAT LA” was also chanted throughout the crowd.  This playoff game was such a great experience.  Thanks Mike G. for thinking of us and setting our family up with great playoff seats!

Rockets WIN

AND…….. Rockets WIN!  Did you catch the May 14, 2015 Houston Rockets vs. LA Clippers Playoffs Game?  The Rockets are on FIRE!  We can’t wait to watch Game 7 on May 17, 2015 – GO Rockets!

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