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Most of us have figured out the different ways to save money, but how about finding ways to make some extra money?  Earning some extra cash is always nice, and many people have turned to using the Internet in order to make some extra dough.  One popular way involves blogging.  There are a lot of different ways to make money blogging, but money can also be made online if you don’t currently own or manage a blog.

However, sometimes that just seems like too much work, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reap any rewards. Instead, you need to find websites that help you make money by working online.  Check out the following list for some great suggestions.


Sqeeqee is an innovative social networking platform and app that allow you to make money from influence.  On this site, you simply socialize with other people the same way that you would on other sites.  You can monetize and generate revenue through your profiles.  It’s action-oriented, so the more you do on your social network sites and blogs, the more money you can make.


This site requires that you manage your own blog.  Product reviews, giveaways and online promotions are available through this site.  You can submit your blog by clicking HERE.


If you’re good at writing, HubPages is a great choice for you to earn some extra cash.  You simply need to create an account and start writing on topics you consider yourself an expert in. B y monetizing your posts, HubPages will place ads on your content.  When you earn a specific amount of revenue from the ads (which can vary from $50-$100), you will be able to cash out your earnings via PayPal.

Amazon Associates

If you do have your own blog, but are struggling making money, consider becoming an Amazon Associate.  All you need to do is sign up and earn your special links for products.  Then, place these links on your blog.  When one of your readers uses this link to purchase a product from Amazon, you will earn some money.  This is extremely easy to do and barely requires any work on your end.


MaxBounty is another affiliate program that works like Amazon Associates.  By signing up for MaxBounty, you receive special links.  Again, when your readers make a purchase using your link, you will earn some cash. MaxBounty pays their affiliates on a monthly basis too, so this is a simple way to make some extra money without having to wait to reach a certain dollar threshold.


With Epinions, you don’t have to have a blog.  Instead, all you need is the ability to write well and an opinion on a product or service.  Epinions allows you to write reviews on specific products.  Your review can be either positive or negative (just be honest), and you’ll get paid.  Epinions does require its members to earn $10 before they’ll send you money, and rates for writing your reviews will vary.

Demand Media Studios

If you’re really good at writing, Demand Media Studios is a great way to earn some extra cash blogging.  This site is always looking for writers who fit into certain niches.  You have to go through an entire screening process, and they have to accept you.  Once they do, though, you’ll have access to a variety of assignments you can choose from, and you can earn anywhere from $20-$50 per post.  Depending on your skill level and your ability to produce a decent amount of content, you could find yourself raking in a lot of extra money with this company, and you don’t even have to manage your own blog to do so.

Yahoo Publisher

If you currently have your own blog that gets a lot of traffic, you should look into Yahoo Publisher.  This site works just like Google AdSense, but it uses contextual ads that are more relevant to your audience.  Because they are more selective in the blogs they choose to work with, they also tend to pay more to those blogs who pass their screening.  If you’re already working hard to earn readers and get a high amount of traffic on a daily basis, then reap the benefits by using Yahoo Publisher.

So many places to check out – get going!

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