Start Small To Reduce Stress During De-Cluttering

Getting rid of unwanted or extra items in your home can be overwhelming!  I personally have a hard time tossing things out, but this is a task that must be done to ensure that I have the room that I need to store the necessary items in our home.  One area in our home that needed “de-cluttering” was my bookshelf.  It had so many books between my husband and I, that the books were stacked every which way without homes for all of them.  Many of these books were textbooks that we had been keeping around “just in case” we should need them.  It has been a few years since my husband graduated from his MBA classes, and “just in case” never came, so it was time to donate these books and make room for others.

The local library has a “Friends of the Library” club that accepts all donated books.  They decide which ones can be used by the library itself, then they sell the leftover books in an area at the front of the library at affordable prices.  After going through all the books on our bookshelf, my husband and I were able to donate a total of 30 books to the local library which freed up a lot of space on our bookshelf.

Here’s a view of my bookshelf after the “clean out.”


A lot of these books were either mine from childhood, books that I used while teaching school or books that were bought and not read yet.  My husband still loves reading “real books” while I will no longer purchase “real books” as I enjoy reading ebooks from my electronic devices.  My husband may accidentally leave his book at home when headed out to an appointment, but my phone is always with me, so my books will be too!

De-cluttering is a huge job, so just go a little at a time.  You could tackle a desk drawer one day and a cabinet area a few days later.  Even though I only cleared out my bookshelf, it makes me feel great to see a neat bookshelf instead of the overflowing one from earlier this week – good luck!

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