Thinking About Moving To Florida?


Visiting Florida and basking in the sunshine is a much different experience than actually packing up and moving to the great sunshine state.  Sure, your business trip or family vacation went off without a hitch and you were able to enjoy some awesome places during your stay but there’s more to living in the sunshine state than beaches and tourist attractions.  To prove it I’ve put together a list of reasons why you should pack up and commit to becoming a permanent Florida resident.

You might recognize and know some of them already:

1. There are 663 miles of coastline in Florida, which means that you’ll never run out beaches to enjoy.  Whether you’re looking to tan, catch some waves or build castles in the sand with your family, there’s a beach for each one of your recreational needs. If you think you’re destined to live by the beach, check out this guide to the best beach towns in Florida so you can make a shortlist of where to move.
2. Temperatures in Florida never dip down below 75, starting as early as February and lasting through November.  Say goodbye to those freezing winters, bulky snowsuits and icy roads because when you become a Florida resident you can trade them in for flip flops and short sleeves all year around.  Even in the winter time you can see Florida residents stubbornly hanging on to their flip flops since the weather hardly ever dips below 30.
3. Thanks to the gorgeous weather mentioned up in reason #2, there are an unlimited source of recreational activities to choose from.  From over 900 natural springs that stay cold even through the hottest days, bike trails, hidden underwater caves for diving, nature preserves and more, you’ll never run out of fun activities to do with your family or even while out and about on your own.
4. Florida is home to some of the largest, most popular attractions in the US. From Lego land (where EVERYTHING is made of Lego’s) to Islands of Adventure, to the behemoth of all adventure parks, Disney World, you’ll be making new memories with your family in the amusement parks for years to come.  If you’re thinking to yourself that it’s summertime nearly all year around and simply too hot to venture to the amusement parks then think again because Florida is also home to several great water parks too!
5. Last but not least, the cost of living in Florida is CHEAP compared to other states within the US.  Sales tax is incredibly low, at just 6.5%, there are no local or state income tax, and housing is super affordable.  Plus, since the weather (which I mentioned several times as being incredible and over 75 almost 365 days out of the year) is so nice you save big bucks on clothes, shoes and heating expenses.  So, while Florida might not be the cheapest place in the world to live in, it is one of the more affordable states to look into if you’re searching for a new place of residence!
If you’ve been considering a move this summer then those are the top 5 reasons why you and your family should take the plunge and become official Florida residents.
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